JE Latest News Tab

JE Latest News Tab

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- Its display the category name on tab and display the category content display in selected tab.
- Add menu category from the joomla category manager.
- Easily change the section.

100% MVC structure follow. JE Latest News tab is display latest news content (from joomla article). You require making the one section in default joomla. Add the category into the particular category. Selected section category names are display on tabs. After, adding content on particular Content. You can easy to install and handing the module.


Follows Below steps:-
5) Install module from the joomla installer.
6) After go to the module manager.
7) Select our module and go to edit page. Select the section which ever you want display in that module
8) Published our module which ever position you want into the template.


latest update in product :-
mod_jelatestnewstab (J-2.5)
mod_jelatestnewstab ( J-1.5 )